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15 minutes. Free

We know that the most important aspect of any intervention is in the relationship. First impressions matter. That's why, whether you are looking for individual therapy, supervision, training or anything else, the first consultation is free. This will give us a chance to talk a little, to understand what you are looking for and if we are the right people to provide it.

To arrange an initial consultation please call, email or use the contact form below.



30 minutes. £40

Is there a problem? Why am I like this? Am I actually anxious, or depressed, or is this just normal? Do I need help? Can I be helped?

Sometimes all you want is a quick and professional answer. At the moment few GPs have the time to fully explore and understand you, and mental health services are either overwhelmed or unable to help.

The Initial Assessment will help you to understand what is going on. You will be asked to complete two or three questionnaires before the session. The assessment will then help you to identify the key issues and develop a plan to help. You will receive a written report detailing our professional opinion, which you can provide to your GP to help guide your further care. Or you may choose to engage with one of our other services.

Male Therapist


50 minutes. £120 per session. 6 session block £650.

Individual therapy addresses core problems of anxiety, depression, self-esteem, confidence, interpersonal and developmental trauma and many others. The exact number of sessions you will need is impossible to predict but will often be between 6 and 12 for common mental illness and mental health disorders (such as anxiety, depression, single episode trauma and other issues), though many issues can be resolved within just a few sessions. We usually recommend weekly or fortnightly sessions, though each person has their own preferences and we will always seek to accommodate this.
Therapy is reviewed constantly between us and adjustments made to the agreed number of sessions.

Psychology Session


6 Sessions plus full report. £700

Many adults feel there is a problem which they have never been able to understand or express. Many people are wrongly diagnosed, have found therapy and counselling unhelpful. If our initial assessment identifies that you may have ASD or ADHD we can offer a fuller assessment and diagnosis, with a full written report. This can then help you to access psychiatric and other supports (such as academic or employment) if needed.



2-3 sessions. £250 including report

Many people are concerned that they have problems with memory. GPs are often unable to offer a full screening assessment in the limited time they have available, and referrals to formal testing can take some time to process.
Our Cognitive Screening Assessment will give you a detailed understanding of how your memory, attention and other cognitive skills compare to the general population, and whether there is cause for concern. During the assessment you will be given a series of tests which are widely used in the NHS. We will provide a full report detailing your strengths and deficits as they appear on the day of testing.

Support Group


30/60 minutes. £30/£60: Trainee rates £25/£50; Group rates (up to 6) 60 mins/£120

Supervision is a fundamental and vital part of any psychological intervention. Supervision ensures we are practicing safely, within our abilities but always striving to grow and develop our skills and understanding. It is often wrongly assumed that having experience means someone is a good supervisor. This is simply not true. Supervision is a skill, with models and techniques which are learned and developed. At ID Psychology we demand the highest standards of supervisory practice.

We are able to offer individual supervision for applied psychologists and psychologists in training at all levels. We offer supervision of supervision for those unable to access it through their employers. We offer supervision for staff groups who use psychological or psychosocial interventions as part of their routine work. This includes group supervision and formulation sessions.

Please use our Free Initial Consultation to contact us and discuss your needs.

Crowd Applauding


1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour and full day workshops. Price varies but is approximately £150 per hour including materials for up to 10 participants.

Training is a specialised skill. It is more than the delivery of information - training implies learning. This is our approach. Each training package is designed and written by experienced trainers who are also experienced and expert clinicians. 

Training sessions include:

Anxiety Management

Cognitive Impairment 

Conflict Management

Depression Management

Risk and Crisis Management

Understanding Mental Illness

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Working with Personality Disorder

Other training packages can be developed. We would be very happy to discuss your specific needs - please do call to discuss.

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